Come and understand why I love people and how I connected with design.
Hello, my name is Lethicia Barros and I was affectionately nicknamed letsgobe by my friends, an adaptation of the famous song “Hey ho, let’s go”. My name means joy, and I am highly committed to living it as honestly as possible.
I'm a servant leader with ease of organizing, connecting, and communicating ideas. I am very connected with personal values, and I believe that happy people do a better job.
I consider myself a creative person, passionate about developing digital products. My favorite part of working on product creation is seeing the impact of my work on people's lives. Absolutely everything starts with people, passes through people, and ends with people.
They are the beginning, middle, and end of everything I do.
I started my career in technology in agility, where I specialized in the cultural pillar studying human behaviors, neuroscience, and psychology to develop high-performance teams. The deepening of my study took me to the universe of experience design. I connected numbers with strategy, resulting in an organic relationship between what I can learn from my client and what I can deliver to him by solving a real pain.
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I don't believe that people can be defined by positions but by skills. My skills have already been used in roles of Product Designer Agile Coach Culture Hacker UX Research


I like to spend time with my family, do genealogical research to understand my history, write poetry, paint, read books about technology, design, and historical content.
After these two years of a pandemic, I have been trying to create the habit of playing sports, and today I have been practicing Padel religiously. This has been a source of overcoming for me.


  • I've worked as a graffiti artist doing live painting, especially for rap shows.
  • At the age of 17, I had my first exhibition and sold 20 paintings which made me raise enough money to live six months in Maputo in Africa as a volunteer teacher.
  • I’m Brazilian, and I love to study the history of my country before the European discovery.
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