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Purpose of the project

Creation of a specific framework for the reality of Globo Family Products.
Performed activities
  • Management of the five teams participating in the discovery tribe: Home, Live, Discovery, Video Experience, and Sales & Self Care.
  • Monitoring the Implementation of Metrics of Experiments and Usability Tests in the UX Laboratory
  • Development of the Agile Laboratory
  • Development of Ideation Workshops


Increase the sense of ownership of Globoplay's technology teams and promote greater scalability for the product.


Create a methodology structured in 4 pillars:
  • Feelings
  • Technical Quality
  • Business Performance
  • Quality Indicators
Using Paul Baran's Network Theory as a basis.
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notion image

Experiment Structure

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Our Result

The data provided numerous insights forming a safe platform for applying less bureaucratic and rigid human dynamics. Our strategy was: Reduce defense mechanisms by building a team feeling, encouraging humility and individual vulnerability.
We were getting to know ourselves as people in addition to knowing our roles, powered by time and shared feedback. This resulted in a greater collective capacity, what we internally call collaborative thinking.
In short, they were increasing our productivity by 73%, reaching 100% of the proposed business objectives and with an average sense of belonging of 9.8. The testimony of the experiment team members and their managers surprised positively with the high degree of satisfaction. The topics mentioned in common were: data orientation, uncomplicated communication, and a high degree of alignment with the team, which resulted in confidence in management delivery.