Purpose of the project

Creation of a digital product that connects the OKRs methodology with the Scrum Framework.
Performed Activities
Management of the design and product team from the business definition phase to the product and website development. Participating in the product creation process from day one.
  • Facilitation of Lean Inception for MVP Organization
  • Ideation and Refinement Workshops
  • Creation of the Brand Style Guide
  • The Tone of Voice Development
  • Wireframe design
  • User Journey + WOW Moments
  • High Fidelity Prototype Design
  • Creation of the MVP Functional Prototype
  • Definition of the Discovery to Delivery Process
  • Development and Application of Quantitative Tests (A/B)
  • Planning and Conducting Qualitative Interviews with End Users
  • Field Observation Research
  • Development of the Design System
  • And all activities related to people management.
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